Turning the Page on 2020

(An Attempt at)
Turning the Page on 2020

I am not sure there is a truly accurate or encompassing way to summarize what the year 2020 has been like for any of us here at Aurochs Brewing Company.  Certainly, we couldn't even begin to summarize or encapsulate what this year has been like for friends, neighbors, our community, the brewing industry, our country, or the world.  2020 has been a year full of challenges, difficulties, and tragedy to say the least.   That has been obvious.  

I would like to take a moment, on behalf of our team here at the brewery, to remember some of the positive and encouraging things that we have been able to share from the past year.  It should go without saying that none of them, truly none of them, would be possible without the support from all of you.  Here are some of the bright spots from the past year...

Our Gluten-Free Beer isn't Going Anywhere

I think it is only appropriate to start out by again thanking this great community of supporters for helping us weather this tumultuous year.  As a business and a brewery, we have graciously survived 2020 which is sadly something that can't be said for all independently-owned businesses.  Thanks to the sacrifices and support from our team and your constant, continuous (and thirsty) support we will continue to brew great-tasting, celiac-safe, naturally gluten-free craft beer into the new year.  

New Beers in 12oz Cans

We released three new individual 12oz can offerings  - Aurochs Hazy IPA, Aurochs Light Lager, and the Aurochs Pumpkin Ale.  The response to these new beers was really incredible.  So much so that we could hardly keep them in stock.  We have been working overtime to make sure the Hazy IPA and Light Lager can always be available to you in the new year.   And not to worry, next fall we will be brewing more Pumpkin Ale than ever before.  We were also able to release other beers and our first hard seltzer in our 12oz 'Limited Release' run cans.  

A Gold Medal at GABF

Speaking of the Aurochs Hazy IPA, we were honored to receive the Gold Medal in the Gluten-Free Beer category at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival.  A special nod to our head brewer, Chris Carr, and the entire Aurochs team for ceaselessly striving to brew awesome, full-flavored beers that everyone can enjoy!

Offering Direct Shipping

One of the coolest things to come out of the past 12 months was the ability to launch our direct shipping program in certain states.  We started shipping beer from our brewery to front doors all throughout Pennsylvania.  Since launching in PA, we have recently been able to add Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Washington DC to that list.  We will continue to work the regulatory process to open up as many new states as possible.

Our Honeycomb Investment Campaign

We ran our first crowd-sourcing campaign and welcomed 136 new investors into the Aurochs fold.  The campaign raised $150,000 that is fueling our can expansion and launching Aurochs in new states.  

Aurochs People

Lastly, despite the stress felt worldwide this year, the Aurochs community continues to grow.   Our brewery team has grown in size and skill over the past year, we have met and served many new great customers and friends, and Doug even had a baby.  Really, Amy had the baby but Doug swears he helped.  

The most important part of what we try to do here by brewing great, gluten-free beer is to have the opportunity to bring everyone back to the table.  Our tables might have been smaller this past year, the occasions celebrated virtually but to be able to re-introduce people to beer that have had to give it up is at the core of why we fill our tanks.  Because there are just some occasions in life that call for a beer.  When everyone can raise their glass and toast with a pint it is a beautiful thing.  As the kids would say in 2020, iykyk.  

Cheers to bigger and better things to come for everyone!