CBC 2019: Brewnited for Gluten Free Beer

Dedicated Gluten Free Breweries Making Their Mark at the Craft Brewers Conference

This week the Brewers Association host the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Co. 

Our own Doug Foster will be on hand to take in the conference and actually speak at the conference as part of group talking about gluten free beer. The group includes Karen Hertz & Connor Reeves from Holidaily Brewing Company, Twila Soles from Grouse Malt House and Michelle Colgrave, Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Agriculture and Food and Research Professorial Fellow at Edith Cowan University in Australia. 

The talk is titled Against the (Traditional) Grain: Gluten Free Beer.  At Aurochs, we will always continue to educate ourselves, operate with transparency and work to innovate in the field of gluten free beer.  It cannot be done in solitude.  

Doug will spend the week in fellowship with some of the best brewers and gluten free brewers in the country, learning, networking and, hopefully, growing craft beer.

To mark the occasion the teams at Holidaily, Grouse and Aurochs came together to produce a beer in collaboration. 

We named the beer Brewnited Red IPA. It was tapped at Holidaily two weeks ago and last week at Aurochs. You may have seen us post about it. This week - during the Craft Brewers Conference - we invite you out to the tasting room Thursday, Friday and Saturday to try this beer and reflect on how far gluten free brewing has come and where we can go together.