Aurochs Expands into New York with TapRm

We are proud and excited to share the news of our expansion into New York.  This is the first time that our great tasting, naturally gluten free beers will be available outside of Pennsylvania.    Read on to learn how you can get order the beer in New York, learn more about our innovative wholesale partner TapRm and more about our continued expansion.

The first (and most obvious) questions eveyrone is asking is - now that Aurochs is available in New York, where can I find it?  Well, thats the great news!  If you live anywhere within the state of New York, TapRm will ship beer directly to your home or business. 

But what if you want to enjoy a refreshing and delicious gluten free beer at your favorite pub, bar or restaurant?  TapRm delivers to retail businesses as well - so speak up and ask your favorite spot to order some Aurochs!

So, how does a resident of New York go about ordering Aurochs?  Great question.  You can follow the simple steps below...


How to Order Aurochs in New York

Step 1:  Visit

Step 2:  Select the style or styles of beer you would like to order and the amount.  Discount for case orders of 24 available!

Step 3:  Designate your delivery or pick up location - enter your ZIP Code or Pick Up at the TapRm HQ in Brooklyn, NY.

Step 4:  Enter your shipping information and payment method then kick back and wait for your beer!


Pretty cool, right?  Well TapRm is doing a lot of cool and innovative things to bring great beer to the people...

TapRm was founded by a guy named Jason.  Jason loves beer and, like many beer fans, wanted to taste and enjoy beers from all over the country and the world.  Also, like many beer fans, Jason was constantly frustrated and disapointed when he wasn't able to find and enjoy those beers locally in his native New York.  It was through that desire to enjoy underserved breweries and their beers that TapRm was born.    TapRm is a small, but growing, business that helps small, but growing, breweries continue to grow!  There couldn't be a better partnership for us here at Aurochs because we both desire to make our beer availble to those who really want it, and those who really need it most!  

To learn more about TapRm, check out their About TapRm page.


I don't live in New York.  Where can I find Aurochs?

Right now Aurochs Brewing Company beers - all of which are 100% naturally gluten free and brewed with millet & quinoa - are only available in Pennsylvania and New York.  

But we are working like crazy to change that.  It is our goal to continue to add new markets and new states to our list.  We realize there are people just like us, people who love beer and are medically required to follow a gluten free diet, all over the country.  We won't stop until there is an option for you!   Stay tuned for further updates.