about aurochs

At Aurochs, we believe you shouldn't have to choose between great-tasting and gluten-free.

Our co-founder Ryan was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in his mid-twenties. We like to say Ryan had loved and lost when it came to craft beer. Upon diagnosis he was medically required to avoid all gluten - enjoying a dynamic, flavorful beer was no longer an option.

Looking for alternative options, Ryan turned to his long-time friend Doug to help navigate the gluten-free landscape. Doug had been diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of 5 and been following a gluten free diet for over 20 years. After an exhaustive, and ultimately fruitless search, we resolved to create our own great-tasting beer made with naturally gluten-free ingredients.

Starting small, in Ryan's small apartment in Pittsburgh we began malting, researching, innovating and learning. We've created a unique brewing process using ancient, naturally gluten-free grains that allows us to make great tasting, gluten-free beer.

Naturally Gluten-Free Beer. Naturally Gluten-Free Ingredients.  Dedicated Gluten-Free Facility.

Our brewery is located on the Ohio River just outside downtown Pittsburgh. It is an area once home to refineries, railroads, and markets that kept the city running with endless shipments of meat, produce, and beer. We can think of no better place to set our roots than our hometown of Pittsburgh - a city forged by mountains and rivers, hardened by industry, and ultimately cast in the form of unbridled optimism and resiliency.

We are passionate about making naturally gluten-free beer. We are passionate about brewing in a dedicated gluten-free facility without ingredients that contain wheat, barley, or rye to guarantee everything we brew is naturally gluten-free

After all, there are just some occasions in life that call for a beer.  Why should you miss out?

Visit our brewery in Emsworth, PA (Pittsburgh) located on Ohio River Blvd at 8321 Ohio River Blvd.

Since our inception, we have brewed over 40(!) different styles of naturally gluten-free beer.  Our lineup is highlighted by six year-round stalwarts: Aurochs Blonde Ale, Aurochs Session IPA, Aurochs Amber Ale, Aurochs Porter, Aurochs Light Lager, and Aurochs Hazy IPA

Aurochs Hazy IPA was the Gold Medal winner in the Gluten-Free Beer category at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival!

Aurochs Light Lager weighs in at only 85 calories per 12oz can and is the most recent addition to the full-time line-up.  It has been a passion project at Aurochs due to the lack of truly gluten-free light beers on the market.

The Porter is Ryan's personal favorite.  Doug is a massive fan of the Light Lager.  Everybody loves the Hazy.

Tasting Room: Saturday 2-8pm