A Blog for the Brewers, Beer Enthusiasts and Gluten-Free Eaters Among Us!

The Aurochs Brewing Company was created out of a dream to create a great tasting beer, made from alternative ingredients, that is naturally gluten free. We’ve created this blog as a way to talk with other beer enthusiasts, get their feedback, and hopefully make the best beer we possibly can. This blog is designed for:

  1. Home Brewers: If you enjoy making your own beer, we’ll be throwing up tips, tidbits, and how-tos. We’re focused on using non-traditional, natural ingredients, which make our beers both gluten-free and unlike any other. If you’re bored with the traditional homebrewing process, check out our blog and learn some new ways to brew. And, most of all, we want to hear your experiences and perspectives. Found an ingredient that even we haven’t tried? Let us know! We’re just as curious as you are, and we love a great beer.
  2. Beer Enthusiasts: Beyond our brewing process, we’ll discuss other interesting beers currently on the market. After all, we’re enthusiasts first and brewers second. We’ll refer to a lot of outside beer ranking sources and try to give the best advice on which beers are best. We’ll also be tracking distribution and adoption, and let you know where different beers are available. And, again, we’d like to hear your opinions. Think we don’t know what we’re talking about? Tell us!
  3. Gluten free: Our two founders, Doug and Ryan, both eat gluten free for dietary reasons. This unfortunately means they are unable to drink most regular beers. The upside is that their condition prompted them to start Aurochs Brewing, and to brew a beer from alternative ingredients that is naturally gluten-free. Much of this blog will focus on gluten-free eating and drinking. We’ll review new beers, pair gluten free beers with food, and generally discuss issues around living gluten free. We hope to get perspectives from other bloggers covering this area, and we would like to hear your thoughts on the subject as well. Have a great gluten free recipe? Post it in a comment and we’ll certainly try it out, and repost it.

Sound interesting? Great, let’s get started! If you want to read about just one area, click on the category to the right. Otherwise, browse through our posts. Merry drinking!