Boondock Sláinte: Collaboration for a Cause

Boondock Sláinte:  Collaboration for a Cause
A Gluten-Free Collaboration Brew from Aurochs Brewing Company and Richbarn Roasters

Aurochs Brewing Company is proud to be collaborating with Avalon, PA-based coffee roasters, Richbarn Roasters, to release Boondock Sláinte.  Boondock is a bold, rich, 8.3% Irish Breakfast Stout brewed with millet, buckwheat, vanilla, American oak chips, lactose, and a custom, cold-brewed Richbarn Brazillian coffee. 

The dark roasted grains pair beautifully with the rich, chocolate tone of the coffee beans.  The vanilla and oak add depth and complexity to a full sensory experience. 

Aurochs Brewing Company will be donating 12% of all sales of this beer plus an additional contribution to support Richbarn's service to area homeless shelters.


What you need to know about Richbarn Roasters

What makes this beer, and Richbarn Roasters, so special is the mission behind the finished product.

Richbarn Roasters is no ordinary coffee roaster.

In addition to providing amazing, fresh, locally roasted coffee Richbarn is changing lives one homeless shelter at a time.  Did you know the average homeless shelter can spend $40,000 a year or more on coffee?  Free coffee is an essential outreach tool and service provided by many shelters. Richbarn is committed to offsetting the entire annual cost of coffee at partner shelters, all while providing them with the freshest and highest quality coffee imaginable. 

Every new subscriber to Richbarn's coffee subscription service facilitates in-kind donations of fresh, locally roasted coffee to area homeless shelters.  These donations free up essential funds that previously would have been allocated to purchasing the necessary coffee.
Additionally, Richbarn is also able to apprentice underprivileged men and women from these shelters to learn, master, and roast the very coffee that is donated - eventually helping to place them in valuable jobs with other coffee shops and roasters. 

You can help support this endeavor by signing up to order your coffee from Richbarn Roasters today.