2019: The Year Ahead

2019: The Year Ahead

There is much to look forward to in 2019 for Aurochs Brewing Company.  We continue in our commitment to change the world experiences gluten free beer - brewing great tasting, naturally gluten free beer from great tasting, naturally gluten free ingredients.

In the year ahead we look forward to bringing you the same great beers you have enjoyed, along with many new styles we are excited to drink together.

 In 2019 we will be releasing 12oz cans - Aurochs Blonde Ale, Aurochs Session IPA, Aurochs Amber Ale and new in cans later this year, the Aurochs Porter.  Cans are versatile and can go places bottles can't - the beach, the woods, the pool.  Can technology has improved beer quality, the way it is enjoyed and the way it is distributed.  Keep an eye out for official release dates this Spring.

We have new collaborations planned with some amazingly talented brewers, new events, new tasting room ideas, new friends and new heights for gluten free beer.

Most importantly - we are going to bring great tasting Aurochs beer to new places.  New bars, new restaurants, new distributors, new places serving great beer - new places where you haven't been able to enjoy gluten free beer in the past.  

We cannot do it alone.  Your continued support is paramount.  Please help us change the way the world experiences gluten free beer by continuing to 'Ask for Aurochs' at your favorite places.  

We want people to be able to enjoy great beer together, without having to worry about the risk of getting sick.  Together we can make this a reality.

Cheers to 2019!