2018: Aurochs Year In Review

2018: A Year in Review

2018 has been an exhilarating year for Aurochs Brewing Company!  To everyone who has raised a glass of Aurochs this year we are so grateful for you.  To all of our team members, suppliers, wholesalers and partners you are changing the way the world experiences gluten free beer and we are proud to work along side you.  Thank you.

We want to take a moment to highlight some of the progress we have made this year and identify some of the incredible people and partners that have helped shape Aurochs Brewing Company in 2018.

The Progress

In 2018 we brewed more beer than ever before.  Our goal has always been to get on a plane and fly anywhere in the United States and enjoy a great tasting, naturally gluten free beer.  Our focus has always been on changing the way the world experiences gluten free beer.  We took steps towards achieving that goal this year and our focus has never waivered.  Here are some of the results:

  • Installed 4 new Stout unitanks - 44 additional barrels of fermentation space
  • Received our new 15 barrel boil kettle and new canning line – set to be installed in Jan./Feb.
  • Bottled and released 3 styles of beer - Blonde Ale, Session IPA, Amber Ale
  • Debuted new and improved labels and packaging
  • Brewed over 20 different styles of beer sold in kegs and on draft
  • Increased our cold storage capacity five fold
  • Improved and increased our brewing efficiency, batch sizes and quality control programs
  • Recieved national recogonition and awards from the Great American Beer Festival, US Open Beer Championships and USA Today
  • Partnered with two savvy, experienced and dedicated wholesale distributors
  • Extended our reach to 38 counties in Pennsylvania
  • Hosted multiple events from Aurochs Oktoberfest to Beer & Chocolate Pairings 
  • Participated in over 100 festivals, tastings and beer events
  • Reopened our new and improved tasting room for pints, tours and events

All of this was done with the intent of continually improving the quality, flavor and availability of our beers so they can be shared with you - our guests and customers.  We will be more committed than ever to bringing great tasting, naturally gluten free beer brewed at our dedicated gluten free facility to wherever you are in 2019.

The People

First and foremost - you - our guests and customers make everything here possible.  Without your vocal and enthusiastic support at Aurochs, at home and at your favorite neighborhood haunts, 2018 would not have seen such growth.  We continue to brew beer everyone can enjoy but maintain our 'gluten free integrity' brewing beer for anyone medically required to follow a gluten free diet. 

There are many dedicated and talented people working behind the scenes at Aurochs to bring our goals to life.  We would like to thank our incredible team members - past and present - all of whom have been amazing this past year.  Congratulations on your success both at Aurochs and beyond.   In addition to those team members working at the brewery day in and day out, the unwavering support and impact made by our volunteers, friends and family keep the dream alive.  


The Partners

Never before have we had the reach and ability to bring beer to more people and that is because of our incredible partners.  Our wholesale distributers - Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale and Shangys: The Beer Authority - have been tirelessly dedicated to making Aurochs widely available and changing the way the world experiences gluten free beer.  

Each bar, restaurant, beer distributor, six pack shop and retailer that has supported us by carrying our beers is also doing their part to change the way we enjoy and experience gluten free beer.  Without their commitment to serving great beer to ALL of their customers we would not be ready to grow again in the coming year.  


Our beers are brewed with millet and quinoa - great tasting and naturally gluten free.  That malt comes to us from Grouse Malting Company, a revolutionary dedicated gluten free malting company.  The work they do innovating and growing allows us an opportunity to do the same.  

We would also like to thank all of our beer tour partners, gluten free bloggers, advocates, suppliers, vendors, insurers, financers, tradespeople and everyone that keeps this train on the tracks!  

Cheers to 2019!