Up and Running

First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who came out to our first weekend of tastings and growler sales. The response was phenomenal! The Aurochs team had a great time talking craft beer, gluten free, and everything in between with our first wave of enthusiastic customers.

But we’re just getting started. Our second weekend open is approaching and we have a couple of new gluten free craft beer styles for you to enjoy.

Our hours: Thursdays & Fridays 4-8pm. Saturdays 12-6pm.


What’s on tap this week?

Aurochs Amber Ale

The malt base of light roasted millet and quinoa offers hints of toast and biscuits, which is complemented by spicy and floral notes from Styrian Golding and Cascade hops.

Aurochs Porter

Our new style on tap this week, the Aurochs Porter!

New style on tap this week!

Chocolate and coffee flavors compliment dark roasts of millet malt, finished with a Czech Saaz and Styrian Golding hop to round out this formidable brown porter.

Aurochs Pale Ale – limited availability

A perfect blend of aromatic notes of pine and citrus blend with just the right touch of bitterness to create a personal favorite of Aurochs Brewing Co. staff.


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