Patience & Persistence Paying Off

Hi Everyone,

We have missed drinking with you and we hope the feeling is mutual. It has been nine months since we closed our doors in June of 2015 and hunkered down for our promised expansion.  As the title of this post suggests, your patience and our persistence is about to pay dividends – beer dividends.  We are looking forward to reopening this Spring 2016!

Aurochs Expansion

Since we last left you, we were brewing about a barrel of beer per week – a little less than 30 gallons.  We were open for growler fills on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, while supplies lasted and would offer one or two different styles each week.

Those days will soon be behind us!  Take a look at some of the improvements we’ve made over the last nine months…

New drains were cut and installed on the production floor

New water, gas, glycol and compressed air lines were run throughout the brewery

We’ve added a steam boiler, glycol chiller and air compressor to enhance our production capacity and efficiency

The brewery has been outfitted with a new brew system – both the brew side and the fermentation side for substantially increased brewing capacity

We are the proud owners of a new Meheen bottling system to package our beer into 22oz bottles

The tasting room was expanded and given a face lift

We added more seating and will be serving draft beer on premise in addition to selling growlers and 22oz bottles

A new tap wall was installed with eight taps to allow us to expand our draft menu over time

New signage was installed facing the boulevard making it a lot easier to find us

We upgraded our lab and testing equipment to help increase product quality and continue to produce a naturally gluten free product

In addition to all of the construction and physical improvements to our building we have been immersed in a series of other, equally important under takings.

Financing – A substantial amount of time was dedicated to financing our new brewery growth.  New brewing equipment does not come cheap.  Frankly, when trying to brew the best tasting, naturally gluten free beer possible, few things do.  Cutting corners and compromising quality are not an option and to do things right we had to make sure we had the proper financing in place.

Permitting – Building construction and beer brewing both require a great deal of permits and licenses if you would like to get anything done safely and properly.  To make the necessary changes to our building and our process that we required, we had to do a great deal of homework.  Anyone who has ever undertaken any wood working project knows that you “measure twice and cut once,” if you want the best results.  The same was true in our case.  Doing this step properly required a large time investment.  We had to prepare, plan and meet the necessary requirements – wash, rinse, repeat until approval – to obtain and maintain all of our permits.

New Packaging Design – We are excited to introduce the addition of 22oz bottles of certain Aurochs varieties in 2016.  In order to do so we had to create a label and seek all of the proper approvals from the TTB and the PaLCB.

New Recipes – Designing and creating new beers is almost as enjoyable as drinking new and different beers.  We will be adding to our stable of great tasting, naturally gluten free beers throughout 2016.  In addition to developing the new recipes, we also had to have them approved by the previously mentioned powers that be.

New Brewing Equipment

2016 is going to be a great year here at the brewery and we look forward to opening our doors to you.  We are excited to share all of this news with you and extremely grateful for all of the help we have received.  It has been a long, hard (but worthwhile) road we have traveled to get to this point.  We want to thank you for your patience and to let you know that the persistence is about to pay off in a big way!

Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more announcements regarding our specific launch date and other cool news and events as we get closer to the grand reopening.

The Aurochs Team

See you at the brewery!

Doug & Ryan