June 1st - Closing for Construction


We are excited to announce that our new production equipment has finally arrived!

The new equipment will increase our weekly production capacity by a multiple of 20. Yes, we will be able to make 20x the amount of beer per month in 2015 than we made in 2014.   That means more beer on tap, a second growler location at Soergel’s, special events and distribution to great local restaurants and bars.  We are eager to get up and running on our new system, and in order to do so we must shut down our current operation to make room for the new.   We are closing our tasting room on June 1st to begin the construction and building process.  Thank you for your support thus far, and we look forward to closing out this summer with a big bang.

Here’s a toast to changing the way the world experiences gluten-free beer right here in the steel city with all of our new steel tanks.


*Stay tuned. We will continue to share our progress with you and any special events for our re-opening celebrations.*