Five Minutes with a Member of the Gluten-Free Community: Ryan Bove, Co-Founder of Aurochs Brewing Co.

There’s a great gluten-free community out there (and a great craft-beer community as well!). Every few weeks we’ll be highlighting a member of the community to learn about their story and find out what they’re doing to help advance the gluten-free cause. We’ll start this series with an interview of one of the co-founders of our company: Ryan Bove.

Name: Ryan Bove
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date of Diagnosis: 2009, 23 years old

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself
    I am really big into sports, food, traveling, and people who pursue their passions. I grew up in Pine-Richland school district, and went to school at Notre Dame and Carnegie Mellon. I love all types of food, but I am a sucker for pulled pork tacos, ribs, sushi, seafood, and Arepas (Venezuelan sandwich with corn bun).
  2. Where do you work now? What does your company do and what do you do for your company?
    I currently work for Aurochs Brewing Company with my high-school friend, Doug Foster. We are pioneering the use of ancient grains to provide great tasting beers. All of our beers are naturally gluten-free. Right now I’m working on a variety of tasks throughout the business, but I’ve focused my attention on finalizing our first commercial beer.
  3. How did you discover you were celiac/gluten intolerant?
    When I started my job as an engineer out of undergraduate in 2008, my health started to deteriorate. I lost approximately 30 pounds. I was 22 years old, and I could barely make it through a day because of exhaustion. I was having breathing problems and sleeping problems. Every time I ate, I would have gut-wrenching pains in my stomach. For six months, I went to the doctor and we could not figure out what was wrong. Finally, it was suggested that I go gluten-free. My life has been so much better ever since.
  4. What are your favorite gluten-free recipes/foods/companies/restaurants and why?
    Locally some of my favorites are Bella FruttetoGluutenyMandy’s Pizza, and Naturally Soergel’s. I travel to New York City a lot, and they have some amazing places out there. I love BabycakesRubirosa, and Friedman’s Lunch. These places are great because their food is good regardless of whether you are gluten-intolerant, celiac or not. My sister, who does not have to avoid gluten, prefers when our family makes cookies with the Gluuteny chocolate chip cookie mix.I’m also fortunate to have two friends with a wealth of knowledge, Doug Foster and his fiancee Amy Soergel. Amy’s store, Naturally Soergel’s, runs an event once a month called Gluten-Free 101.
  5. What did you discover because of celiac disease/gluten intolerance that you might not have found otherwise (eg, alternative grains, new recipes, the incredible support of your friends and family, a great cider, your fiancee, Aurochs Brewing, etc.)?
    How much better I feel eating healthier. I mainly stick to the outside of the grocery store now and stay away from processed foods. I also have grown fond of ciders. There is a lot of innovation going on with ciders. Two of my recent favorites are the Crispin Browns Lane (a dry British cider) and the Woodchuck Belgian White.
  6. Any advice to someone who has recently been diagnosed with celiac disease/gluten intolerance?
    Watch out for hidden gluten, especially in sauces and processed foods.
  7. What’s your favorite gluten-free beer (or other beverage of choice)?
    Before having to go gluten-free, my favorite beer was Little Creatures Pale Ale. Now I love bringing new recipe ideas to life with Aurochs Brewing Company. Experimenting with ancient, unconventional grains has allowed us to deliver some truly unique and outstanding flavors.

Thanks for the time, Ryan! As a reward, we were going to send you a six pack of our beer, but you’ve already have all the Aurochs beer you can drink.

You can get in touch with Ryan by posting a comment below, sending him an email at, or following him on twitter.