Customer Appreciation Day @ Naturally Soergel's

Customer Appreciation Day at Naturally Soergels!

Stop by Naturally Soergels on the first Wednesday of every month and recieve 10% off your entire purchase in celebration of Customer Appreciation Day.  Aurochs Brewing Company will be their sampling brews and selling 22oz bottles of our Session IPA and Blonde Ale.  

Located in Wexford, off the Rt. 79 exit, Naturally Soergels has an amazing selection of natural, allergen-free, vegan and health concious products.  Their gluten-free selection boasts over 1,500 different items including grocery products, refridgerated, frozen foods and an impressive array of fresh, local gluten-free baked goods.  

Naturally Soergels is part of Soergel Orchards, a country store and large family farm that is frequently hosts events and has fun for the entire family.  We hope to see you there!