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We're Changing The Way The World Experiences Gluten Free Beer.

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The Aurochs Story

At Aurochs Brewing Company we brew great tasting, naturally gluten free beers from great tasting, naturally gluten free ingredients at our dedicated gluten free brewery.  

When it comes to beer you shouldn't have to choose between exceptional taste and a safe, gluten free option.

Our founders are life long friends who are both medically required to follow a gluten free diet.  Aurochs Brewing Company was born out of necessity and fueled by passion to drink, share and enjoy an exceptional craft beer with friends and family, for any occasion.  

Continue on to learn more about our story, our beers, our team and how and where you can enjoy an Aurochs brewed beer!

naturally gluten-free beer

Our beers are brewed with different roasts of malted millet, quinoa and sometimes buckwheat.

The malts are sourced from Grouse Malting Co. - a dedicated gluten free malting company in Wellington, Colorado.

All of of our brewing ingredients are sent out for independent gluten testing to ensure that everything that enters our facility, and our beers, are below the 20 ppm (parts per million) threshold.  In fact, we do not use any ingredient that doesn't test below 5 ppm - the lowest you can currently test for.

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the blog

Beer is best enjoyed as a communal experience.  We want to be in community with you.  Visit our blog to learn more about what is going on at Aurochs.

In addition to brewery updates, our goal is to provide a forum that shares news and ideas that are topical to craft beer and gluten free diets.  Additionally we want to create opportunites for you to learn more about our beers, our brewery and the people that work hard to bring beer to you on a daily basis.

That all can be experienced by visiting our blog and subscribing to our newsletter. 

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the team

Drinking great beer and drinking gluten free beer should not be mutually exclusive experiences.  Our beer is our purpose and our purpose is our passion.  

That passion is stoked and fueled by the special people that bring our beer from brew kettle to bottle, glass and keg.  Our founders have been medically required to follow a gluten free diet for a combined 35 years.  Everything we do flows from their desire to change the way the world experiences gluten free beer.

They say you are only as strong as your weakest link.  Learn why we do what we do through who makes it happen.

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events calendar

Aurochs Oktoberfest

Join Aurochs Brewing Company for a completely gluten free Oktoberfest celebration on Saturday, October 6 at Miller Hall in Avonworth Community Park. On

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Upcoming Beer Festivals

Come see us at these upcoming Beer Festivals! Imbibe Northside Saturday, July 28 North Country BrewFest Saturday, August 4

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June Sampling Events

Come see us this month as we sample Aurochs beer at bottle shops and distributors around Pittsburgh! Friday, June 1: Zoe's Beer (5-7 PM) Thursday,

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